No, you will owe a months rent or forfeit your security deposit. Why? You are required to give 30 day notice of move out to receive your Security Deposit refund.
Yes but a receipt can only be emailed or by text message after posting payment. If this poses a problem, you may pay with a Money Order that is filled in Payable to Bills Self Storage, or pay by Check or Credit Card.
The ceilings are 8 ft high and our small spaces have 3 ft doors and all the others have 9 ft doors.
We require 30 days notice of move out, if you owe no balance, leave no trash and space broom clean as you found it, we will refund your Security Deposit. Don't forget to leave your forwarding address in the drop box!
We define the move in special as: $1 for the rest of the month. Example: if you move in on the 1st of the month, it's only $1 for the rest of the month. If you move in on the 15th of the month, it's only $1 for the remaining days in that month, and so on.
We rent locks monthly or you may bring your own lock. We also sell keyed locks. The space MUST be locked if items are in the space.
No. However, insurance is available as an add-on option or you may add the items to your homeowner's insurance policy.
A site map is located at the Rental Center to the left of the entrance inside the Message Center.